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Sungchan and Shotaro Make Shocking Exit from NCT, Set to Redebut in SM Entertainment's New Boy Group

Sungchan and Shotaro Make Shocking Exit from NCT, Set to Redebut in SM Entertainment's New Boy Group

Author: Lisa Bennett  /  2023-05-24 14:05:38

SM Entertainment has just dropped a bombshell announcement, revealing that Sungchan and Shotaro will be bidding farewell to NCT. But hold your breath, because they won't be gone for long! The talented duo is set to redebut in SM Entertainment's highly anticipated new boy group, slated to make their grand entrance later this year.

The official statement, shared across NCT's social media platforms in both Korean and English, has sent shockwaves through the fandom. Back in September 2020, SM Entertainment had hinted at the addition of new members to NCT for their mega-project, NCT 2020. And now, the curtain has been lifted, with Sungchan and Shotaro chosen to embark on a fresh journey with the upcoming boy group.

According to the agency's announcement, which was released on May 24 KST, Sungchan and Shotaro's departure from NCT is a strategic move to pave the way for their exciting redebut. The new boy group, expected to take the stage in the third quarter of 2023, promises to deliver a whole new level of talent and charm.

But that's not all! SM Entertainment has even bigger plans in store. Alongside Sungchan and Shotaro's redebut, they have expressed their intention to expand NCT's Japanese unit by adding more regional members. This development marks the end of NCT's infinite expansion and signifies a significant turning point for the group. Fans will be taken behind the scenes of the new unit's creation process, creating an intimate connection between the members and their dedicated supporters.

Let's not forget where it all began. Sungchan and Shotaro made their debut as NCT members on October 12, 2020, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of fans with their participation in the NCT 2020 album, 'Resonance Pt 1'. Now, they are ready to take on a new adventure, showcasing their immense talents as part of SM Entertainment's upcoming rookie boy group.

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