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ZEROBASEONE: Breaking Boundaries with Their Highly Anticipated Debut as the Date is Revealed

ZEROBASEONE: Breaking Boundaries with Their Highly Anticipated Debut as the Date is Revealed

Author: Lisa Bennett  /  2023-05-26 09:26:01

ZEROBASEONE's journey from their humble beginnings to the grand stage of their debut holds countless surprises and inspiring moments. So, don't miss out on a single detail. Keep reading, and join us as we witness the rise of ZEROBASEONE, a group destined to make waves in the world of K-pop.

ZEROBASEONE emerged as a project group through the meticulous selection process carried out by Mnet's hit show «Boys Planet.» Their formation, comprising talented nine individuals handpicked from 184 countries and regions, has undoubtedly stirred up immense excitement among fans worldwide.

Sung Hanbin, the chosen leader of ZEROBASEONE, expressed his unwavering determination in a recent interview, stating, «I will persistently overcome any challenges that come our way and strive to improve myself continuously, no matter the circumstances.»

In an exclusive revelation, it has come to light that the highly anticipated K-pop group, ZEROBASEONE, has caught the attention of the prestigious Grammy Awards. The group, which consists of nine members from various countries, including China, Canada, and South Korea, has confirmed their debut date.

The official announcement was made following a series of daily broadcasts on the 26th, unveiling that ZEROBASEONE will mark their debut on both the 7th and 10th of July. Sources close to their agency, Wake One, have revealed that the members have been relentlessly training and preparing for this momentous occasion.

Additionally, their official Instagram account garnered an astounding one million followers within a mere six days of its launch, showcasing their undeniable popularity. With a contract duration of two years and six months, ZEROBASEONE is poised to captivate the hearts of music enthusiasts worldwide.

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