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MONSTA X member Jooheon will be releasing a solo album at the end of May

MONSTA X member Jooheon will be releasing a solo album at the end of May

Author: Lisa Bennett  /  2023-04-28 09:00:25

Jooheon will release his first solo album at the end of next month. This will mark his official solo debut in about 8 years since making his debut as a member of MONSTA X in May 2015.

As the main rapper of the group, Jooheon is an all-rounder with skills in rapping, dancing, and singing. He has shown exceptional rapping skills with his solo mixtapes «A Ya Ya,» «SMOKY,» and «PSYCHE.»

Jooheon is also capable in producing music and has contributed to the success of MONSTA X as a «talented group.» He has been writing his own songs since their debut album, and recently he has taken on the role of writing, composing, and producing the title tracks of MONSTA X's albums. He has also participated in the albums of other artists such as Boyfriend, Mad Clown, and CRAVITY, showcasing his musical abilities.

Jooheon is also an active member in variety shows due to his sharp tongue. He has appeared on various shows since his debut, and is currently a fixed member of YouTube content «Daechwita Counseling,» «BBang BBang Social Club,» and JTBC's «Korean Food Table.» He is also an MC for Mnet's «M Countdown.»

His first solo album, which will be released 8 years after his debut, is expected to showcase his musical talents. Fans are curious to see what kind of music Jooheon will bring as he continues to expand his career in various areas.

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