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Is Tottenham Hotspur Up for Sale Chairman Daniel Levy's Statement Sparks Rumors

Is Tottenham Hotspur Up for Sale Chairman Daniel Levy's Statement Sparks Rumors

Author: Deborah Ross  /  2023-04-20 11:40:33

Tottenham Hotspur chairman Daniel Levy has addressed rumors of a potential sale of the club, stating that «we have a duty to consider any proposal that anyone wants to make.» This statement has caused quite a stir among fans and media outlets alike, as many are wondering whether a sale of the club is imminent.

However, Levy was quick to clarify that «we are not in negotiations with anybody nor have we been over recent months.» This may come as a relief to Tottenham fans who are worried about the future of their beloved club. It seems that, for now, the club is not actively seeking a buyer or engaging in any negotiations to sell.

Levy also dismissed recent media reports about potential buyers as «completely untrue.» This suggests that any rumors about a potential sale of the club should be taken with a grain of salt until more concrete information is available.

Despite these statements, many fans and observers remain skeptical. Tottenham has been going through a difficult period on the field in recent years, and some believe that a change in ownership may be necessary to turn things around. However, others argue that the club's current owners are committed to the long-term success of the team and that a sale would not necessarily lead to a positive outcome.

As always, the future of Tottenham remains a topic of much speculation and anticipation. Fans will no doubt be keeping a close eye on any developments regarding the potential sale of the club. For now, it seems that Tottenham is in a holding pattern, with no immediate plans to change ownership.

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