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Bryce Harper, Phillies Star, Set to Return to Lineup After Speedy Recovery

Bryce Harper, Phillies Star, Set to Return to Lineup After Speedy Recovery

Author: Deborah Ross  /  2023-05-01 09:44:54

Philadelphia Phillies' outfielder and six-time MLB All-Star Bryce Harper is set to make an earlier-than-expected return to the lineup on Tuesday, following his Tommy John surgery recovery. Harper underwent surgery on November 23, 2022, to reconstruct his right elbow.

The Phillies were initially preparing for a longer absence, but Harper's body has responded well to an accelerated program. Harper will visit Dr. Neal ElAttrache on Monday morning in Los Angeles, and if cleared, he is expected to return to the Phillies' lineup as the designated hitter against the Los Angeles Dodgers the following day.

Despite the speedy recovery, Harper will only return as a hitter, and the Phillies plan to continue his recovery cautiously. Harper will be the designated hitter for a period of months, while he continues to learn first base with pregame drills. The Phillies want to avoid rushing Harper's throwing without restrictions, which will take some time.

Phillies manager Rob Thomson said that Harper is eager to play and is «pretty geeked up» about his imminent return. The Phillies will not activate him for the series opener against the Dodgers, even if he is cleared on Monday. Instead, Harper's activation will depend on Dr. ElAttrache's assessment and the team's decision to continue his recovery process gradually.

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