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Cayde-6 Makes a Stunning Return Voiced by Nathan Fillion in Destiny 2: The Final Shape

Cayde-6 Makes a Stunning Return Voiced by Nathan Fillion in Destiny 2: The Final Shape

Author: Lisa Bennett  /  2023-05-25 09:30:32

Hold onto your Ghosts, Guardians! In a jaw-dropping revelation at the PlayStation Showcase, Bungie has stunned Destiny 2 players by announcing the long-awaited return of Cayde-6, voiced once again by the talented actor Nathan Fillion. That's right, the beloved Hunter Vanguard is making a comeback in the game's upcoming expansion!

After his heartbreaking demise during the Forsaken campaign in 2018, Cayde-6 seemingly found himself trapped within the mystical depths of the Traveler's enigmatic afterlife. Witness the shocking moment as Ikora, our fearless Warlock Vanguard, converses with Cayde-6 within the confines of the Traveler itself.

But what's the real story behind this extraordinary twist? The speculation is running wild, but here's what we can confirm: Cayde-6 indeed perished, yet through some extraordinary means, he has resurfaced within the very heart of the Traveler. And let's not forget the gigantic triangular portal in the sky, an emblem left by the enigmatic Witness at the climax of the Lightfall campaign.

During Cayde's absence, a myriad of events unfolded, as hinted by Ikora in her conversation with her reappeared friend. However, Cayde, voiced by Nathan Fillion, seems to possess his memories up until his demise, leaving him oblivious to everything that has transpired in our universe since. The mysteries surrounding his return are bound to unravel with the release of The Final Shape.

With this revelation comes a multitude of burning questions. Is the Traveler's interior a form of afterlife, and if so, who gains entry to this ethereal realm? Will it be exclusive to «good» Guardians, or will even morally ambiguous ones find themselves within its hallowed confines? Moreover, what fate awaits the adversaries we valiantly defeated?

But fret not, Guardians, for the answers shall soon be revealed. The Destiny Showcase, scheduled for August 22, promises to shed more light on this mind-bending journey. Until then, let the anticipation simmer as you envision indulging in a sizzling bowl of spicy ramen, side by side with the witty and unforgettable Cayde-6.

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